Accelerating the Growth of Quality Schools in Urban Phoenix

New Schools For Phoenix is a non-profit organization supported by the Center for Student Achievement whose mission is to support the development and expansion of high quality schools serving low-income students in Phoenix.


By 2020, we will have 25 additional “A” rated low-income schools serving 12,500 Phoenix students; however, we know our work extends beyond a mere letter grade. As a result of our programming and support, New Schools for Phoenix will serve as an exemplar for what works, producing important practices that advance our commitment to ensuring access to a quality education for all Phoenix students.


We provide rigorous, relevant, researched-based support ground in the Center’s Quality Standards. These standards enable us to identify effective educators who have what it takes to lead Phoenix schools that primarily serve low-income students. Our intensive customized support guides schools through capacity building, implementation and on to sustainability through extensive school design assistance, teacher and leadership development, coaching and the opportunity to network and collaborate with some of the top-performing schools in Arizona.