“It was an extremely well-rounded, focused, and purposeful professional experience that combined practical experiences with knowledge building in school design.”  -Past Fellow

About the Fellowship

The New Schools For Phoenix Fellowship is an intensive five-month experience designed to cultivate transformative leaders with the awareness, knowledge, and ability to lead highly-effective schools. Allowing for continuation of current work or study, the Fellowship uses evenings and weekends for Fellows to visit highly-effective schools nationally, dialogue with school leaders, build knowledge of excellent school design, and craft a vision for their own schools. Ideal candidates are current school leaders in the Phoenix urban core ready to take their school to the next level or innovative leaders who want to design a new model that will dramatically raise the bar for student achievement in a low-income, urban community. Upon completion of the Fellowship, leaders will advance to our School Incubator or Pathway to Excellence.

The Fellowship is built on three core principles:

Be a Visionary

Be a Visionary

The New Schools For Phoenix Fellowship is designed to cultivate leaders who understand their values and strengths, who use this knowledge to navigate otherwise ambiguous decision making, and who integrate their beliefs into a broader vision for a school and community. Fellows will complete the Fellowship as mission-driven, visionary leaders.

Know the Possible

Know the Possible

The New Schools For Phoenix Fellowship uses national visits to highly-effective schools and case studies to build an understanding of what is possible. School visits will expose Fellows to exemplars in their field and introduce Fellows to a variety of school models. Fellows will complete the Fellowship knowing the extent of what is possible and being prepared to exceed even the exemplars.

Understand School Design

Understand School Design

The New Schools For Phoenix Fellowship incorporates practices of highly-effective schools into session content and out-of-session work. Fellows will study various educational models through research, dialogue, and school visits as they work toward a vision for their own school. Fellows will complete the Fellowship with the knowledge necessary to turn theory into action.

Charter Schools Program

Start-Up Grants Available

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Tuition, workshop materials, and travel and lodging costs during excellent school tours will be paid for by New Schools For Phoenix. Upon completion of the Fellowship, leaders on track to found a new school can apply for up to $750,000 in grant funding through the Arizona Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program to pay for additional coaching and support.

Ideal Candidates

Our Fellows have the experience and dispositions to develop a vision and lead a school to high levels of performance.  Candidates have at least three years of teaching experience and at least two years of leading a team. Learn more.

How to Apply

Acceptance into the fellowship is a highly-competitive process. Leaders must demonstrate a commitment to excellence and have the capacity to fully engage in all fellowship activities.

Step 1:  Submit application online – Due March 14th

Step 2:  Phone screening to determine fit (as needed)

Step 3:  In-person individual and group interview day –  April 25-29

Our final cohort will be announced by May 13th

Applications Due March 14

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