New Schools For Phoenix, which is committed to the growth and expansion of high-quality public schools for low-income students in the Phoenix area, awarded $1 million to four charter schools that have the potential to profoundly impact student achievement for Phoenix students.

“We are proud to support these schools that share our mission to ensure all students, regardless of zip code, receive a high-quality education. New Schools for Phoenix is helping develop great schools in the neighborhoods where they’re needed most – empowering families and closing the achievement gap in our community.”  –Eileen B. Sigmund, New Schools For Phoenix manager

Each public school was awarded a $250,000 grant to expand high quality seats to low-income students. Grants funds are contingent upon the approval of a signed charter contract with the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.

Congratulations to the following public charter schools:

  • Arizona Autism Charter Schools is the first tuition-free, public charter school in Arizona focused on the educational needs of children with autism. The school’s flagship campus in central Phoenix serves grades K-4. In 2016, Arizona Autism expanded to a second campus that current serves grades 5-7. Through the support of this grant, Arizona Autism will expand to add one grade level each year, eventually serving grades K-12. Find out more about the school at
  • Synergy Public School is an Arizona non-profit that is working to create a school system that is highly regarded for its academic excellence and for its contribution for serving children and positively impacting the community in which it operates. Synergy’s desired outcome is to develop students to become change agents within their own communities. Synergy is currently in the final stages of the charter application process with the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. Once approved, the school plans to open to students by August 2017, eventually serving grades K-5.
  • Victory Collegiate Academy is an Arizona non-profit that exists to change the lives of the underserved population of the Phoenix Urban Core by giving students a “Healthy Body – Healthy Mind, Whole Child” education, focusing on students’ academic, nutritional, physical, mental, social and emotional health. Victory’s approach will enable students to be victorious in everything they do, a path that will lead them from elementary school to and through college. Victory is currently in the final stages of the charter application process with the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. Once approved, the school plans to open to students by August 2017, eventually serving grades K-8.
  • Vista College Preparatory Charter School is an elementary school with the firm belief that all students, regardless of race, language or economic status, can succeed if they have access to a high-quality education. Through academic rigor and leadership development, Vista educates K-5 students for success in middle school, achievement in high school, and graduation from college. Currently serving students in South Phoenix, Vista will open its second campus in Maryvale by August 2017 through the support of this grant. Find out more about the school at

Located in the nation’s sixth-largest city, New Schools For Phoenix recognizes the importance of education as a driver of economic development, civic life and long-term vitality. To accelerate our academic achievements, it requires a community of schools and school leaders making the bold assertion that all children – regardless of income or background – can excel in school if given high quality educational opportunities. In collaboration with our partners, our goal is to support 25 excellent public schools by 2020. Collectively, these schools will serve 12,500 students – tripling the number of students attending a high-quality school in Phoenix.


About New Schools For Phoenix

New Schools For Phoenix is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recruit and equip leaders to run high-quality schools in Phoenix. We are transformative educators who believe all students, regardless of background, can succeed. We significantly impact student learning, and inspire others to achieve excellence in urban education. New Schools For Phoenix is a tested, proven model that will accelerate student achievement and provide ongoing options for quality education. For more information, visit