Phoenix Landscape

Phoenix is a thriving economic center for businesses, families and educators. At the heart of this city, New Schools for Phoenix is training innovative and committed educators to lead even more great public schools in the neighborhoods where they’re needed most. –Phoenix Councilman Daniel Valenzuela

Children who live in poverty are almost three times more likely to attend low performing neighborhood schools.  To address this crisis, our New Schools for Phoenix program has incubated and supported the development of 17 schools, serving 3,800 students. However, thousands of children are still waiting for the great school they deserve. In response to this urgent need, we must accelerate our impact in Phoenix.

To that end, the New Schools For Phoenix is proud to offer a continuum of services customized to meet the widely varying needs of urban Phoenix educators, and to prepare the most effective educational leaders to launch, replicate, or redesign urban schools. 

To ensure Phoenix’s economic future, we must work together now to change the local dynamic in education. We have a great opportunity to serve as a model for other communities grappling with the achievement gap for minority and low-income students.

In the map below, each circle represents a school in the Phoenix area. The size and color of each school is determined by their passing rate on the 2017 AzMERIT Math test; schools that are large and green had higher pass rates than schools that are small and red. The background represents the median household income by zip code; dark gray areas represent wealthier communities, while light gray areas represent poorer communities.