Eileen B. Sigmund



CSAEileen has been an ardent supporter of quality schools and believes that all children can excel in school if they are given high quality educational opportunities. As the President and CEO of the Arizona Charter Schools Association and Manager of New Schools For Phoenix and the Center for Student Achievement, Eileen has led notable efforts including: developing a model that measures “value-added” growth in achievement, which is used for A-F rankings of all Arizona schools; creating trainings that enable teachers and school leaders to collaboratively use data; building web-based services for ongoing formative assessment, remediation and more; helping schools develop performance management plans; launching joint purchasing programs; filing lawsuits for equitable funding for all K-12 students; advocating to level the playing field for charter schools and increasing positive public perceptions of charters; and, building a comprehensive program to support prospective charter school operators. In 2013, Eileen launched the separate nonprofits of New Schools For Phoenix which recruits and trains leaders to open high quality schools for low-income Phoenix students and the Center For Student Achievement which is focused on high-quality school improvement initiatives, with a particular emphasis on professional development and the publication of rigorous and transparent research and evaluation. Eileen has a strong advocacy background, having served as a journalist, litigator, and lobbyist. Eileen is an Education Fellow in the two-year Fall 2013 cohort of Pahara-Aspen Education Fellows; a member of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chamber Commerce & Industry, and on the Advisory Council of the Charter Schools Development Corporation.