New Schools For Phoenix supports school leaders that hold high expectations for all students. Currently serving over 2,000 students, the schools listed below have demonstrated a relentless pursuit toward excellence for students in the Phoenix urban core. With our support, each leader took the time to design and prepare a school and are committed each day to ensuring their students receive a high quality education.


Academy of Math and Science Phoenix operates two campuses in the Phoenix urban core: AMS Flower and AMS Camelback. AMS Phoenix’s mission is to motivate and inspire students for academic, career, and life success through providing an advanced, well-rounded, college preparatory education interlaced with habits of mind, character building, and 21st century skills. The schools currently serve students in grades K-8 at both campuses.

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AIM Higher College Prep Academy is part of the Espiritu Network of Schools, which currently operates the A-rated Reyes Maria Ruiz Leadership Academy and NFL YET
College Prep Academy. AIM Higher will offer a rigorous and vigorous college prep learning environment for students in the South Phoenix community for the purposes of forming servant leaders who will demonstrate the desire, ability,and heart to “change the world”. AIM Higher College Prep Academy will employ the Traditional Classical Education model and will apply it by rigorously and vigorously forming students in culture and character. The school will start serving students grades 7th and 8th in Fall 2015 and will grow to serve students in grades 7-12.


self-development-logoSelf Development Academy-Phoenix is a replication school designed to provide a rigorous education to low-SES and ELL students residing in Phoenix area.  The reason behind establishing the school is to give equitable accessibility to high quality education for those who are underserved and do not have the opportunities to attend high performing schools. Fundamental to Self Development Academy-Phoenix is a culture of high expectations shared by all.  Central to this culture is the belief that all children can achieve and succeed at high levels.  Led by founder Anjum Majeed, Self Development Academy-Phoenix will open to grades K-4 in Fall 2015 and will grow to serve grades K-8. To learn more, visit


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Ethos Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy provides a rigorous academic program complimented with character-based education. The community served is predominately lower-income, Spanish speaking families. The intent of the school is to embrace the rich culture and diversity of this region and infuse it with a strategic academic program, exceptional educators and family engagement. Led by founders Tim Boykin and Whitney Stockhauser, Ethos Academy will open to grades K-2 in Fall 2015 and will grow to serve students in grades K-8. To learn more, visit


create academy logoCreate Academy is an arts integrated, project-based school targeting low-income, primarily minority students that emphasizes social justice, sustainability and global entrepreneurship. Create Academy integrates the four core academic subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies with the arts (Art, Creative Writing, Dance, Design, Film, Music and Theatre) to build critical thinking skills and address students’ multiple intelligences. Led by the co-founders Angela Pinholster and Rebecca Halonen, Create Academy will serve students K-2 and 5-6 in Fall 2015 and will grow to serve grades K-12. To learn more, visit



CASA Academy serves students in their community with the firm belief that all students can overcome challenges, think critically, excel in academics, and become role models for their community in order to be ready for success in college, life, and society. Specifically, CASA Academy targets the learning needs of Central Phoenix’s low-income early elementary student population in grades kindergarten through third grade by providing a transformative education, using authentic approaches, and strong character education. CASA Academy will serve students in grades K-3.  To learn more, visit


SySTEM Phoenix is a charter school in Downtown Phoenix focused on using science, technology,system logo engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills. SySTEM Phoenix believes science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the foundational pillars of a 21st century society and the key drivers of innovation that will propel our country forward. By offering a highly integrated academic program and leveraging Arizona’s robust STEM community, SySTEM Phoenix will transform students into active learners and practitioners in the field. SySTEM Phoenix serve students in grades 6-8 and will grow out to serve students in grades 6-12. Visit for more information.



Western School of Science and Technology: A Challenge Foundation Academy exists to transform Maryvale by improving low- income west Phoenix students’ opportunities for advancement in the global technological economy by providing needed preparation for the academic rigors of college graduation leading to career success. Western School of Science and Technology serves students in grades 7-10 and will grow out to serve students in grades 7-12. Learn more at


EAGLE SCHOOLEAGLE College Prep: Maryvale is a replication of EAGLE College Prep: South Mountain. EAGLE is an acronym standing for Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis. EAGLE College Prep truly believes in developing children’s character as well as their intellect. EAGLE’s mission is to develop serving leaders by providing a rigorous college prep learning community where we work together toward the pursuit of academic excellence and positive character development in a safe, supportive, and loving learning environment. EAGLE College Prep: Maryvale serves students K-4 and will grow to serve students grades K-8. Learn more at


Arizona Autism Charter School is opening a charter school in Central Phoenix. They will educate studentsAZAutismCharterLogo with autism and related disorders using evidence-based strategies grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) delivered by highly trained teachers and staff. Their goal is to make this high quality, specialized education accessible to students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Arizona Autism will initially serve students K-4 in Fall 2014 and will grow out to serve students K-5. Learn more about Arizona Autism by visiting


Vista College Prep is a college-preparatory elementary school that is designed Vista CP Logospecifically to address the learning needs of an underserved and underperforming student population.  Through an intensive focus on literacy and the implementation of strategic academic support structures, Vista College Prep ensures mastery of essential skills and content knowledge, acceleration of student achievement, supports student success in middle and high school, and lays the critical early foundation for every child to excel in and graduate from college. Vista is currently serving students K-3 and will grow to serve students K-5.  Learn more at 


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Empower College Prep is founded on the core conviction that every child is created for a purpose.  The mission of Empower College Prep is to empower children to compete academically with students from any school in the country, combine class lessons with students’ unique gifts and interests to solve real-world problems, and embody the “values of empowerment” to excel in college, maximize their impact in the world, and fulfill the purpose for which they were created.  Last year, Empower College Prep received an “A” rating and performed in the top 3% of schools in the state. Empower is currently serving students grades 3-8 and will grow to serve students grades 3-12.  Learn more at